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 Stargate Hyper Drive Cord

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PostSubject: Stargate Hyper Drive Cord   Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:15 pm

Milky Way Galaxy Warpzone 1

Earth Hyper Space Coordinates= 50,50

Chulak Hyper Space Coordinates= 80,10

Argos Hyper Space Coordinates= 34,14

Revanna Hyper Space Coordinates= 5,15

Hebridan Hyper Space Coordinates= 73,39

Amador Hyper Space Coordinates= 76,79

Itukai Hyper space Coordinates= 41,91

Dakara Hyper Space Coordinates= 20,76

Abydos Hyper Space Coordinates= 10,43

Osiris' Base Hyper Space Coordinates= 70,37

Pegasus Galaxy Warpzone 2

Ascian Hyper Space Coordinates= 58,12

Ancient outpost Hyper Space Coordinates= 16,40

Planet-x Hyper Space Coordinates= 57,41

Wraith Homeworld Hyper Spae Coordinates= 16,96

Atlantis Hyper Space Coordinates= 65,81

Andromeda Galaxy Warpzone 3

Orilla Hyper Space Coordinates= 70,70

Heaven Galaxy Warpzone 4

Heaven Hyper Space Coordinates=35,47

Cent Galaxy Warpzone 5

Centropolis Hyper Space Coordinates= 20,80

Hell Galaxy Warpzone 8

It would be Smart to Copy and Paste this Into a PDA or ASPDA
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PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hyper Drive Cord   Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:59 am

Midway is 50,50 4
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PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hyper Drive Cord   Thu May 28, 2009 8:58 am

hey eeeeem tell me some thing the gate codes where the ships are i know 2 atlantis and earth but where too and by the way i want a ori ship if there is 1
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PostSubject: Re: Stargate Hyper Drive Cord   

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Stargate Hyper Drive Cord
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