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 Jail cells

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PostSubject: Jail cells   Fri May 28, 2010 4:27 pm

We have jail cell but we never use them, 'why' because we cannot force a player into one. Suggestion: Stunners, as soon as they stun a player we should have a grab icon or shortcut, in order to grab the stunned player (and only stunned player can get grabbed) and be able to drag them to a cell and lock them away for either Trade, Interrogation, etc. But a time limit should be on people when stunned like 10-15 sec.
Now in order to get them to a cell on a ship you stun them, grab them, drag them to your ship, enter the ship, (they should follow you into it to still stunned,) then take them to your jail cells on board. and to stop them from getting out, all weapon should be useless in a cell or have a search tab or shortcut to take a weapon away for them (still only if there stunned can you use a search tab or shortcut) that would be my suggestion to be able to use some more parts of this game that no one uses.
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Jail cells
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