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 Loosen Security

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PostSubject: Loosen Security   Fri Apr 16, 2010 9:53 pm

Well, after two days running around exploring and such things seem to have gotten dull. Mostly everyone I have seen is Tauri or allied with them. So I ended up going rogue. And I can see why everyone is with them, being against them it's a game of waiting for them to attack.

Earth is locked down tighter then an ant's asshole. You can spend all day to knock down the Iris, but who knows if it will even go down. Then if you manage to get a ship, you are still screwed into boredom as when you land on Earth you land in the SGC caged up for some reason, and from what I can tell the door never dies. Really, who lands in their enemy's base caged up wrapped like a present to them?

Earth isn't the only odd landing for ships. Theres planets for some reason you land in lava or water, and cannot simply fly over that stuff. Things are just locked down too tight to have fun, everyone hops on the Tauri train and then they have no one to fight. And little interest in opposing them with no way to take the fight to them.

If things loosened up to where enemies of the Tauri could fight them on Earth and such, then things might get interesting. As of now the interest dies in a day or two, and could explain the small player base.
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PostSubject: Re: Loosen Security   Fri Apr 16, 2010 10:25 pm

Well, rogue Tau'ri aren't exactly the #1 enemy of the Tau'ri. And every race has its own thing that makes it overpowered. Earth has the iris. Lots of other planets have shields or irises. Asgard have those force shields (which can't be destroyed) and Thor's Hammer. Tok'ra have rings with pass codes to get into their base. Goa'uld have rings with codes, too. So, really, I think Earth is probably the easiest to invade... It doesn't involve hours of trial-and-error, it involves hours of holding down the tab button.
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Loosen Security
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