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 Ascension Suggestion

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PostSubject: Ascension Suggestion   Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:38 pm

I haven't seen Ascension on any Stargate games and I thought maybe this game could have it... It'd use a Karma system and when you get full positive karma (increased by helping players, NOT getting punished by admins, following orders given by your race, etc.) you would get an 'Ascend' ability in heaven. If you choose to ascend, you can teleport to any planet and see and hear everything, but if you try to use say or emote you'll be descended to one of your home planets. To prevent people from staying ascended permanently and using MSN to tell people what's going on in places, a five minute timer would limit how long you can stay ascended and you would auto-descend if you log out. No matter how you descend, your karma would be reset to 0. Mutes, bans, etc. should also remove karma points.
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Ascension Suggestion
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