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 apply? did´nt find any other place to do it

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PostSubject: apply? did´nt find any other place to do it   Sat May 23, 2009 12:19 pm

i would like to apply for admin on the game. I did´nt find any other place to do it. My byond account name is Bastet and usernames is always Boston or Dimension.. i would like to be admin becaus i am very active and play as often as i can and i take much responsibility so its good if i get admin and can like tele people away if they are stuck... I´ve been admin and even co-owner on alot of games but ive abused my powers there. But now im more grown-up so i does´nt do that anymore.

nameingame: Dimension
applying for: Administrator on game and forum
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apply? did´nt find any other place to do it
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